The specific objectives of the 4StuDi are:

1. To identify the types of social support that SwD need in their school environment (primary and secondary school) from their classmates and teachers.

2. To examine the existing knowledge of students attending primary and secondary schools and teachers regarding the social support they can and should provide to students with disabilities.

3. To educate/inform teachers and students about the forms of support they should provide to SwD.

4. Τo investigate the impact of education/information on the knowledge of primary school teachers and students in supporting SwD.

5. To disseminate the type of support learners with disabilities need in order to provide them with meaningful, high-quality educational opportunities.

When cross-learning takes place, an intellectually stimulating environment can be emerged, leading to more effective outcomes. Transnationally attention is needed for the creation of a strong advocacy impact. Given that all students with disabilities need social support, transnationally action is required.

The transnationally aspect of the project will contribute significantly in:

a) Exploiting the expertise of each partner regarding the needs of SwD.

b) Extending the user-requirements by including needs and points of view of SwD of different social, educational and cultural backgrounds.

c) Creating innovative instruments (e.g. questionnaires) and programs (education/information programs), new scientific findings (e.g. comparative assessment outcomes among countries) influenced by exposure to researchers of varying contexts with divergent ideas.